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Civilization cycle

Jews had been through their worst period of time in 1941, when 70% of their population, 90% in Poland alone, was killed by Adolf Hitler, a holocaust that could see they extinct like the dinosaurs. 

But they didn't. In small group, they survived. The survival was with extreme phobia, fear and humiliation and after years now regarded as a miracle of the chosen ones. 

Men are great biological machines. Israeli has proved it. Under such torture they regrew, rose to become a great nation with great minds. The suffering made them stronger, better in all field. And we should rationally aware and understand, why the Zionist actually have that 'greater israel' conspiracy, and be prepared to fight them to death when time comes. 

The progress of the Jews was at the expense of indigenous Arab in Palestine who were maybe too gentle in handling the aggressive immigrants who once came to Jerusalem to perform pilgrimage, now had settled and force the native of the land to congest to death at the West Bank and Gaza strip. Apart from theological concern, all we can see is just how the nature works. Sunnatullah. The law that never change since ever. Not only in Palestine that Arabs now failed, but almost all over the middle east except Arabs that already taken western culture as their lifestyle, like the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.  

The question now is how low muslim in the middle east should fall? On what scale the suffering could become a switch to trigger another historical survival for greatness. In what field will they become great? Biology? Electronics? Techs now seem saturated. What shape the smarter smartphones will be invented by the Palestinians? A phone embedded in the skull?

Today's tech are all from Israel. The foundation of classical science was set up by the great Muslim after their fall into jahiliyyah period, and that is a thing in the past. The great renaissance has just passed. Now, the power is Israel and their allies. The jahiliyyah once again fall on us, muslims. We are heading to the bottom.

As the history of the civilization tell us, in some time ahead the high will fall, the low will rise. But when? Where is the bottom? 20%? 

InsyaAllah there is still time. To speak of how close the qiamat is, on the scale of the age of the universe, our grand grand child might still have a chance to achieve some technologies beyond our imagination. 

Based on total energy consumption on the planet, a study by Kardashev revealed that human civilization level can be put on a scale from 0 to 3. Current human civilization is type zero. Our power source is dead dinosaurs, solar flare go to waste everyday and nuclear is still exclusive for certain primates. One day this will not enough. Energy starved by exponential population growth will push us to the type 1 civilization.

Type 1 civilization is a a group of human who can harness all energy received by the planet from its parent star - the sun. This civilization can finally control the volcano, tide and any type of energy regulated by earth system to power up their huge machine - flying car magnetic rail, super train, or pacific rim robots to fight kaiju.

Type 2 civilization is the generation who can harness the great power of the sun, totally. Probably by installing a rig hovering the surface of the Amun and suck it flare. At that time, some of our great great grandchild may already have departed earth to a new planet.

Type 3 civilization is the human generation who can harvest the energy of the stars in their galaxy. What they can achieve is beyond our imagination, for now.

Ok, we are now at 0.72 type, not totally 0. By saying that, the most probability we can achieve type 1 industry is in a couple of centuries - 2215. By this time, which nation will lead this transition of human race? Israel? US? Or... may be the people of the desert who run out of fossil fuel business? May be Syrian. May be a small survivors of a bloody hell middle eastern war.

Arabs are great machines running a corrupted program. One day, with an aligned mental, they will again rise. Probably. InsyaAllah. 

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